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What are some examples of men’s health concerns?

Many of the areas of focus within men’s health centers on reproductive health. Some of the issues that bring men in for holistic, traditional healing include:

Men also experience issues like depression, anxiety, and hypertension, often at rates higher than women. Left untreated, these problems can negatively affect your physical and mental health.

Is acupuncture an effective tool for men’s health issues?

Acupuncture is a time-honored treatment rooted in ancient Chinese medicine. It’s been used for thousands of years to improve the flow of life energy throughout the body. Known as “qi,” this essential life force affects everything about how your body feels and functions.

Acupuncture practitioners use sterile treatment needles inserted into your skin to help release blocked qi and boost flow in areas of concern. This can have a direct impact on reproductive health as well as mental health.

You may be surprised to learn that your kidneys play a large role in sexual function. Acupuncture treatments often focus on kidney health as part of men’s health therapies. By reducing blood pressure, improving circulation, and reducing stress, acupuncture is a powerful tool for addressing many men’s health issues.

When is the right time to reach out for help with men’s health concerns?

Far too many men suffer in silence when encountering men’s health issues. They may believe that things will improve on their own or might feel that asking for help is somehow a sign of weakness.

In reality, looking for guidance and support requires a great deal of strength and fortitude. When you turn to Ommmango Wellness for men’s health services, you’ll receive personalized care structured to align with your specific set of needs.

You can explore how acupuncture, reiki therapy, or massage therapy can help you find lasting relief from the concerns that led you to reach out for care. The team at Ommmango Wellness welcomes you to ask questions or concerns as they arise.

When you’re ready to schedule a men’s health appointment, call the office to check availability. You can also book online in just a few clicks.