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What is reiki healing?

Reiki is an ancient healing technique that originated in Japan. The word roughly translates into “spiritually guided life force energy.” The treatment is based on the concept that everyone has a life force energy that flows within. When that energy is at higher levels, you feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled. When it is low, energy dips, and your risk of becoming ill rises.

Reiki seeks to transform energy from practitioner to patient using gentle, intentional touch. Sometimes referred to as “laying on hands,” reiki sessions share some elements with massage therapy.

What happens during reiki healing sessions?

Removing your clothing during reiki sessions is unnecessary, but it’s helpful to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. You’ll relax on the treatment table as your practitioner touches your body lightly. Depending on what you hope to achieve from your visit, they might touch your shoulders, stomach, feet, or head.

Each touch is usually sustained for 3-10 minutes. The pressure is very light, so there is no need to feel tense or anxious. Many people find sessions incredibly relaxing, and some even begin to fall asleep. Others enter a deep meditative state during treatments.

It’s important to enter reiki sessions with an open mind. Your experience at one visit might be completely different from another session. One of the most interesting things about reiki is that the patient completely guides the transfer of energy from practitioner to patient. Your body only draws the energy it needs, no more and no less.

What kinds of health issues respond well to reiki healing?

Reiki is a great treatment option for a number of different health and wellness concerns. Some of the conditions that bring people to Ommmango Wellness for care include:

Many people try reiki and other holistic healing techniques after modern medicine fails to deliver impressive results. They’re often frustrated, despondent, or hopeless in the face of their discomfort.

There are no risks associated with reiki and plenty of potential benefits. Many patients are so pleased with their results that they bring friends and family in to experience the benefits for themselves.

If you’re ready to try a natural, traditional spiritual/energy healing method, reiki is well worth considering. You can schedule a visit using the online booking tool or call to check appointment availability.